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Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Reducing the Underrepresentation of Transnational Writers through Biographical Event Extraction Reject (Two Strikes) 866 11/Feb/2024
An Arabic Ontology and a Knowledge-base System for Diagnosing Date Palm Diseases Reject (Pre-Screening) 501 11/Feb/2024
TermIt: Managing Normative Thesauri Accept 1,063 09/Feb/2024
Ontology of active and passive environmental exposure Accept 1,109 09/Feb/2024
Similarity Joins and Clustering for SPARQL Accept 1,173 09/Feb/2024
Entity Linking with Out-of-Knowledge-Graph Entity Detection and Clustering using only Knowledge Graphs Reject 1,162 06/Feb/2024
Farspredict: A Benchmark Dataset for Link Prediction Reject 1,131 04/Feb/2024
Evidence of Large-Scale Conceptual Disarray in Multi-Level Taxonomies in Wikidata Accept 1,006 01/Feb/2024
How to Create and Use a National Cross-domain Ontology and Data Infrastructure on the Semantic Web Accept 1,162 01/Feb/2024
Dura-Europos Stories: Developing Interactive Storytelling Applications Using Knowledge Graphs for Cultural Heritage Exploration Accept 1,233 24/Jan/2024
d2kg: An Integrated Ontology for Knowledge Graph-based Representation of Government Decisions and Acts Accept 1,384 24/Jan/2024
Enhancing Data Use Ontology (DUO) for Health-Data Sharing by Extending it with ODRL and DPV Accept 1,002 24/Jan/2024
How can the social sciences benefit from knowledge graphs? A case study on using Wikidata and Wikipedia to examine the world’s billionaires Reject 1,733 17/Jan/2024
Handling Wikidata qualifiers in Reasoning Reject (Two Strikes) 960 03/Jan/2024
Knowledge Level Tags: Applied to Collaborative Recommender Systems on the Web Reject 1,522 18/Dec/2023
Semantic Technologies in Sensor-Based Personal Health Monitoring Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study Major Revision 1,344 18/Dec/2023
User Interaction Patterns for Linked Data Major Revision 1,080 18/Dec/2023
The Numerate Web: Mathematical Formulas and Computations on the Web of Data Major Revision 3,630 17/Dec/2023
Ontology-Based GraphQL Server Generation for Data Access and Data Integration Accept 1,490 06/Dec/2023
Context-Aware Composition of Agent Policies by Markov Decision Process Entity Embeddings and Agent Ensembles Accept 1,700 06/Dec/2023
OBO Foundry Food Ontology Interconnectivity Accept 1,644 06/Dec/2023
CANARD: An Approach for Generating Expressive Correspondences based on Competency Questions for Alignment Accept 1,132 04/Dec/2023
A Study of Concept Similarity in Wikidata Accept 1,039 04/Dec/2023
The RDF2vec Family of Knowledge Graph Embedding Methods Accept 1,365 04/Dec/2023
InterpretME: A Tool for Interpretations of Machine Learning Models Over Knowledge Graphs Accept 1,451 04/Dec/2023
NeuSyRE: Neuro-Symbolic Visual Understanding and Reasoning Framework based on Scene Graph Enrichment Accept 1,417 27/Nov/2023
Sem@K: Is my knowledge graph embedding model semantic-aware? Accept 1,133 27/Nov/2023
Wikidata subsetting: approaches, tools, and evaluation Accept 1,753 27/Nov/2023
Making Linked-Data Accessible: A Review Reject 1,105 23/Nov/2023