PRSC: from PG to RDF and back, using schemas

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Julian Bruyat
Pierre-Antoine Champin
Lionel Médini
Frédérique Laforest

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Stefan Schlobach

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Full Paper
Property graphs (PG) and RDF graphs are two popular database graph models, but they are not interoperable: data modeled in PG cannot be directly integrated with other data modeled in RDF. This lack of interoperability also impedes the use of the tools of one model when data are modeled in the other. In this paper, we propose PRSC, a configurable conversion to transform a PG into an RDF graph. This conversion relies on PG schemas and user-defined mappings called PRSC contexts. We also formally prove that a subset of PRSC contexts, called well-behaved contexts, can be used to reverse back to the original PG, and provide the related algorithm. Algorithms for conversion and reversion are available as open-source implementations.
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