This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
ConSolid: a Federated Ecosystem for Heterogeneous Multi-Stakeholder Projects Minor Revision 654 11/Jan/2023
When one Logic is Not Enough: Integrating First-order Annotations in OWL Ontologies Minor Revision 651 11/Jan/2023
A dynamic HDT variant Reject 728 11/Jan/2023
InterpretME : A Tool for Interpretations of Machine Learning Models Over Knowledge Graphs Major Revision 999 11/Jan/2023
Applying Ontology Engineering to build a Poetry Domain Ontology. Reject 701 11/Jan/2023
Terminology and Ontology Development for Semantic Annotation: A Use Case on Sepsis and Adverse Events Accept 785 11/Jan/2023
A Behaviouristic Semantic Approach to Blockchain-based E-Commerce Minor Revision 563 11/Jan/2023
Conjunctive query answering over unrestricted OWL 2 ontologies Major Revision 646 11/Jan/2023
Data journeys: explaining AI workflows through abstraction Minor Revision 610 11/Jan/2023
Reason-able Embeddings: Learning Concept Embeddings with a Transferable Deep Neural Reasoner Minor Revision 933 11/Jan/2023
A Graph-based Approach for Inferring Semantic Descriptions of Wikipedia Tables Major Revision 717 11/Jan/2023
Searching for explanations of black-box classifiers in the space of queries Reject (Two Strikes) 1,133 11/Jan/2023
Developing an Upper Ontology of Behaviour: An Online Collaborative Approach Reject 661 11/Jan/2023
ROH: Towards a highly usable and flexible knowledge model for the academic and research domains Reject (Two Strikes) 721 11/Jan/2023
Quantifiable Integrity for Linked Data on the Web Minor Revision 878 11/Jan/2023
Understanding the Structure of Knowledge Graphs with ABSTAT Profiles Accept 740 11/Jan/2023
NonFoodKG: A Non-Food to Food Product Knowledge Graph for Consumer Applications in Retail Environments Reject 843 11/Jan/2023
MonARCh: An Actor Based Architecture for Dynamic Linked Data Monitoring Major Revision 1,011 11/Jan/2023
Cultural Heritage Information Retrieval: Data Modelling and Applications Reject (Two Strikes) 930 11/Jan/2023
Differential Privacy and SPARQL Minor Revision 973 11/Jan/2023
INK: Knowledge graph representation for efficient and performant rule mining Major Revision 1,073 11/Jan/2023
A Conceptual Model for Ontology Quality Assessment Minor Revision 1,851 11/Jan/2023
Helio: a framework for implementing the life cycle of knowledge graphs Accept 1,804 03/Jan/2023
A Semantic Meta-Model for Data Integration and Exploitation in Precision Agriculture and Livestock Farming Accept 1,099 03/Jan/2023
AgreementMakerLight Accept 526 02/Jan/2023
Automatic Ontology Population from French Classified Advertisements Reject 1,998 16/Dec/2022
Engineering User-centered Explanations to Query Answers in Ontology-driven Socio-technical Systems Accept 616 09/Dec/2022
An Ontological Approach for Representing Declarative Mapping Languages Accept 816 07/Dec/2022
MTab4D: Semantic Annotation of Tabular Data with DBpedia Accept 1,715 30/Nov/2022