On the interplay between validation and inference in SHACL - an investigation on the Time Ontology

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Livio Robaldo
Sotiris Batsakis

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Katja Hose

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Full Paper
This paper presents a novel framework to validate the Time Ontology (a.k.a. OWL Time, https://www.w3.org/TR/ owl-time), which is currently a W3C candidate recommendation draft for representing temporal data in the Semantic Web. The framework is based on SHACL shapes and SHACL-SPARQL rules. These are used together to invalidate knowledge graphs that OWL is unable to identify as such due to its lack of expressivity, specifically its lack of operators to compare and work with temporal data. Besides providing a useful tool to process temporal data encoded in RDF within applications, our research work also sheds some light on how using SHACL shapes and SHACL-SPARQL rules together, in order to capture the proper interplay between validation and inference on knowledge graphs. The SHACL shapes and the SHACL-SPARQL rules that define the proposed framework are freely available on the GitHub repository https://github.com/liviorobaldo/TimeOntologyInSHACL, together with Java programs and clear instructions to process them.
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