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Some Visual Analytics Results for ISWC 2013

In the following we would like to show you some visual analytics results based on data from the International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2013, citation data from the well known 2001 Semantic Web paper, the 2009 Linked Data -- The Story So Far paper, and Linked Data sets that contain latitude and longitude coordinates (e.g., data about places, people, events). Most data was collected and processed by the STKO lab(*) together with ISWC 2013 metadata from Li Ding that had to be enriched with spatial information. The work shows some examples of scientometric analysis that we are currently doing thanks to IOS Press in the Trends In Science Observatory project. Before we start: If you like the figures, feel free to reuse them in whatever way you like and contact us if you need more details. You can access higher resolution versions either by directly opening the figures or by using the download links in the text.

A Cartogram of Unique Visitors to the SWJ Page over one Week

This cartogram shows the unique visitors to the SWJ page over about one week proportional to the size of the country of origin. Check out Germany, the Netherlands, or Italy as examples. The cartogram was generated using D3, topoJSON, and cartogram.js using our piwik data. Right now, we are working on an interactive version for our new portal.

Piwik Web Analytics Software Installed

Starting today we will use the Piwik free and open source web analytics software. We have not used any system before and have decided to use Piwik instead of Google analytics (or related products) to better protect your data. We will use Piwik to collect simple user/browser statistics to improve our web system. We configured Piwik to ignore all your data if your browser uses the do-not-track flag.

Special Call for Papers on the Social, Political, Cultural and Economic Dimensions of Ontology Engineering

Special Call for Papers on the Social, Political, Cultural and Economic Dimensions of Ontology Engineering

Developing an ontology is similar to arranging a fence. In both cases human beings demarcate areas, be it in geographic or conceptual space, that they want to separate for some purpose. While the social, political, cultural, and economic implications of introducing such demarcations in the physical and social world, e.g., land ownership, have been studied for decades, ontologies are largely approached from a purely engineering perspective. There is reason to believe that this may hinder the success and adaptation of ontologies in science and society.

Outstanding Paper and Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2011/2012

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the winners of two awards for the academic year 2011/2012. The Semantic Web Journal awards an outstanding paper award as well as an outstanding reviewer award sponsored by IOS Press with a 500 Euro book coupon. The winners have been selected by the editorial board from all papers accepted between August 2011 and August 2012 as well as all solicited and volunteered reviews submitted to the journal.

Outstanding Paper Award 2011/2012