This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
DogOnt as a viable seed for semantic modeling of AEC/FM Accept 2,010 17/Jul/2018
Me4MAP V1.0: A method for the development of metadata application profiles Reject 1,308 16/Jul/2018
A Convolutional Neural Network-based Model for Knowledge Base Completion and Its Application to Search Personalization Accept 892 10/Jul/2018
A Query Language for Semantic Complex Event Processing: Syntax, Semantics and Implementation Accept 829 10/Jul/2018
A decade of Semantic Web research through the lenses of a mixed methods approach Major Revision 808 09/Jul/2018
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine -- SPARQL Querying of Property Graphs using Gremlin Traversals Reject 4,254 09/Jul/2018
RDF Dataset Profiling - a Survey of Features, Methods, Vocabularies and Applications Accept 2,755 09/Jul/2018
Distributed query processing in the presence of blank nodes Accept 4,071 08/Jul/2018
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data Accept 4,279 08/Jul/2018
Semantic Similarity Based on Transfer Learning Reject (Pre-Screening) 56 03/Jul/2018
Survey of Tools for Linked Data Consumption Accept 365 03/Jul/2018
The EPISECC Ontology model: spatio-temporal ontology for disaster management Major Revision 1,873 02/Jul/2018
Plausibility Assessment of Triples with Distant Supervision Reject 2,021 29/Jun/2018
Semantic Prediction Assistant Approach applied to Energy Efficiency in Tertiary Buildings Accept 1,534 26/Jun/2018
Empirical Methodology for Crowdsourcing Ground Truth Minor Revision 482 25/Jun/2018
XMLSchema2ShEx: Converting XML validation to RDF validation Accept 1,196 25/Jun/2018
SRNA: Semantics-aware Recurrent Neural Architecture for classification of document fragments Reject 552 21/Jun/2018
Cloud Service Description Ontology: Construction, Evaluation and Querying Reject (Two Strikes) 2,490 19/Jun/2018
Clover Quiz: a trivia game powered by DBpedia Accept 1,155 19/Jun/2018
Exploring Term Networks for Semantic Search over Large RDF Knowledge Graphs Reject 1,730 18/Jun/2018
ClassRank: a Method to Measure Class Importance in Knowledge Graphs Applied to Wikidata Reject (Two Strikes) 924 17/Jun/2018
Learning Expressive Linkage Rules from Sparse Data Major Revision 1,286 17/Jun/2018
Semantic Modeling for Engineering Data Analytic Solutions Major Revision 1,283 17/Jun/2018
A Quality Assessment Approach for Evolving Knowledge Bases Accept 903 15/Jun/2018
SpecINT: A framework for data integration over cheminformatics and bioinformatics RDF repositories Accept 387 12/Jun/2018
RehabRobo-Query: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud Accept 965 08/Jun/2018
Vecsigrafo: Corpus-based Word-Concept Embeddings - Bridging the Statistic/Symbolic Representational Gap Major Revision 738 06/Jun/2018
Quality Metrics For RDF Graph Summarization Accept 1,090 06/Jun/2018
Multi-label categorization for large web-based raw biography texts Major Revision 753 05/Jun/2018