This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Bilingual dictionary generation and enrichment via graph exploration Accept 489 01/Dec/2021
Analysis of Ontologies and Policy Languages to Represent Information Flows in GDPR Minor Revision 719 01/Dec/2021
A Conceptual Model for Ontology Quality Assessment Major Revision 704 29/Nov/2021
Analyzing the generalizability of the network-based topic emergence identification method Accept 138 29/Nov/2021
Semantics and Canonicalisation of SPARQL 1.1 Accept 541 29/Nov/2021
Tools for building an event-based knowledge graph from legal decisions Reject 1,032 29/Nov/2021
An Open Ended Web Knowledge Retrieval Framework with Explanation and Learning through Argumentation Reject 3,787 28/Nov/2021
A Survey On Knowledge-Aware News Recommender Systems Minor Revision 647 25/Nov/2021
Glottocodes: Identifiers Linking Families, Languages and Dialects to Comprehensive Reference Information Accept 823 25/Nov/2021
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 412 24/Nov/2021
Security approaches for electronic health data handling through the Semantic Web: a scoping review Major Revision 448 24/Nov/2021
Tab2KG: Semantic Table Interpretation with Lightweight Semantic Profiles Minor Revision 523 24/Nov/2021
Paving the Way for Enriched Metadata of Linguistic Linked Data Minor Revision 532 24/Nov/2021
Taxonomy Enrichment with Text and Graph Vector Representations Accept 129 24/Nov/2021
Casual Learn: A Linked Data-Based Mobile Application for Learning about Local Cultural Heritage Accept 549 24/Nov/2021
Differential Privacy and SPARQL Major Revision 2,146 23/Nov/2021
Modular Ontology Modeling Accept 455 23/Nov/2021
Neural Entity Linking: A Survey of Models Based on Deep Learning Minor Revision 810 23/Nov/2021
Beyond Facts - a Survey and Conceptualisation of Claims in Online Discourse Analysis Accept 811 23/Nov/2021
Loki - the Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Engineering Reject 1,149 19/Nov/2021
Diverse Data! Diverse Schemata? Accept 159 18/Nov/2021
Robust Query Processing for Linked Data Fragments Accept 480 17/Nov/2021
Knowledge Graph Embedding for Data Mining vs. Knowledge Graph Embedding for Link Prediction - Two Sides of the same Coin? Accept 796 16/Nov/2021
Survey on English Entity Linking on Wikidata Accept 747 16/Nov/2021
LL(O)D and NLP Perspectives on Semantic Change for Humanities Research Accept 983 15/Nov/2021
Linked Open Images: Visual Similarity for the Semantic Web Accept 552 11/Nov/2021
Continuous Multi-Query Optimization for Subgraph Matching over Dynamic Graphs Accept 689 10/Nov/2021
Semantic-enabled Architecture for Auditable Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Accept 696 10/Nov/2021
Online approximative SPARQL query processing for COUNT-DISTINCT queries with Web Preemption Accept 776 09/Nov/2021