Open Science Data: Impending changes to the review process at the Semantic Web journal

From its beginning, the Semantic Web journal has taken a lead in bringing more transparency to academic publishing, due to its open and transparent review process, and due to its transition to a gold standard open access journal. Truly Open Science, however, involves much more, and we are now turning our attention to another core aspect of Open Science: the stable provision of data and software relevant for a published paper.

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Event-centric Open Analytics

Call for papers: Special Issue on

2020 Journal Impact Metrics

The 2020 impact factors were just released, and the Semantic Web journal is at 3.182, roughly the same as last year. We will compare it with the impact factors from the same journals we compared it with in previous years.

First the list of "Web" journals which we generated four years ago for comparison, together with the new, updated, impact factors.