Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Viewssort descending Updated
Neuro-Symbolic AI and the Semantic Web Accept 49 21/Jun/2024
Towards a Global Food Systems Datahub Accept 288 24/Apr/2024
On assessing weaker logical status claims in Wikidata Cultural Heritage records Accept 346 17/Jun/2024
InteractOA: Showcasing the representation of knowledge from scientific literature in Wikidata Accept 373 17/Jun/2024
Multilingual Question Answering Systems for Knowledge Graphs—A Survey Accept 531 12/Jun/2024
Editorial: Special Issue on Interactive Semantic Web Accept 658 29/Apr/2024
Special Issue on Semantic Web for Industrial Engineering: Research and Applications Accept 673 28/Apr/2024
RQSS: Referencing Quality Scoring System for Wikidata Accept 792 01/Jun/2024
Ontology supported semantic based image retrieval Accept 797 29/Apr/2024
Editorial of the Special Issue on Semantic Technologies for Data and Algorithmic Governance Accept 810 28/Apr/2024
qEndpoint: A Novel Triple Store Architecture for Large RDF Graphs Accept 815 03/Apr/2024
Efficient Management and Compliance Check of HVAC Information in the Building Design Phase Using Semantic Web Technologies Accept 898 06/Apr/2024
Empirical ontology design patterns and shapes from Wikidata Accept 901 23/Feb/2024
Enhancing Data Use Ontology (DUO) for Health-Data Sharing by Extending it with ODRL and DPV Accept 922 24/Jan/2024
Multilinguality and LLOD: A Survey Across Linguistic Description Levels Accept 922 25/Mar/2024
Evidence of Large-Scale Conceptual Disarray in Multi-Level Taxonomies in Wikidata Accept 932 01/Feb/2024
A Study of Concept Similarity in Wikidata Accept 949 04/Dec/2023
Declarative Generation of RDF-star Datasets from Heterogeneous Data Accept 960 23/Feb/2024
TermIt: Managing Normative Thesauri Accept 978 09/Feb/2024
PAPyA: a Library for Performance Analysis of SQL-based RDF Processing Systems Accept 998 25/Feb/2024
Empowering the SDM-RDFizer Tool for Scaling Up to Complex Knowledge Graph Creation Pipelines Accept 1,016 23/Feb/2024
A Holistic View over Ontologies for Streaming Linked Data Accept 1,029 13/Mar/2024
Ontology of active and passive environmental exposure Accept 1,029 09/Feb/2024
Sem@K: Is my knowledge graph embedding model semantic-aware? Accept 1,045 27/Nov/2023
CANARD: An Approach for Generating Expressive Correspondences based on Competency Questions for Alignment Accept 1,048 04/Dec/2023
CEO: Counterfactual Explanations for Ontologies Accept 1,076 12/Feb/2024
Similarity Joins and Clustering for SPARQL Accept 1,097 09/Feb/2024
How to Create and Use a National Cross-domain Ontology and Data Infrastructure on the Semantic Web Accept 1,098 01/Feb/2024
INK: Knowledge graph representation for efficient and performant rule mining Accept 1,103 23/Aug/2023
DIAERESIS: RDF Data Partitioning and Query Processing on SPARK Accept 1,144 12/Feb/2024