This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Knowledge Representation in the Digital Libraries Context [EKAW] reject 4,838 29/Jan/2015
2nd Special Issue on Linked Dataset Descriptions Accept 9,784 27/Jan/2015
The LinkedUp Data Catalogue: A Meta-Dataset of Linked Datasets in the Education Domain Major Revision 6,295 22/Jan/2015
Real-time Generation of Linked Sensor Data and Multidimensional Data Cubes for Smart Environments Reject 7,149 22/Jan/2015
Ontology-Based Information Flow Control of Network-Level Internet Communication 4,976 20/Jan/2015
A Pattern for Periodic Intervals Reject 5,952 19/Jan/2015
HANmanager: Semantic-aware Policy Processing for User Centric Management of Home Networks Reject 7,360 10/Jan/2015
Ontology alignment for wearable devices and bioinformatics in professional health care Reject 6,927 07/Jan/2015
The SemanticXBRL Dataset, Semantic Financial Data from XBRL Filings Reject 6,491 02/Jan/2015
An Intelligent Ontology Alignment Tool Dealing with Complicated Mismatches [EKAW] reject 4,602 09/Dec/2014
Global Weather Sensor Dataset Major Revision 7,447 08/Dec/2014
The OntoIOp Registry – a Dataset Supporting Ontology, Model and Specification Integration and Interoperability Reject 8,306 05/Dec/2014
Semantic Web Improved with the Weighted IDF Feature Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,227 19/Nov/2014
Bringing phytopathology onto the reasoned Semantic Web: the Plant-Pathogen Interactions Ontology (PPIO) Reject 9,273 19/Nov/2014
Brazilian Cerrado: a case study of linked geographical and statistical data applied to Ecology Reject 7,098 19/Nov/2014
The Semantic Web for all Accept 11,036 19/Nov/2014
Directly deriving binary relation types from concept types, especially process or role types Reject 9,310 18/Nov/2014
A Logic Programming based Approach to OWL RL Reject 5,444 16/Nov/2014
Time-Aware Link Prediction [EKAW] reject 4,892 12/Nov/2014
Pattern for licensing Linked Data Reject 5,501 12/Nov/2014
An adaptive multi-agent system for ontology co-evolution [EKAW] reject 4,438 02/Nov/2014
An Event Based Design Pattern for Intertextual Legal Links Reject 6,593 31/Oct/2014
SFIE: The Semantic Framework for Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education Reject (Pre-Screening) 4,199 21/Oct/2014
Referring to multiple unspecified objects of a type: multi-instance fact pattern family Major Revision 9,073 15/Oct/2014
From datasets to datanodes: An Ontology Pattern for networks of data artifacts Major Revision 15,015 15/Oct/2014
Semantic Web Journal Volume 5 Issue 6 Accept 10,181 14/Oct/2014
Publishing and Interlinking the Global Health Observatory Dataset. Accept 11,769 14/Oct/2014
Approaches, methods, metrics, measures, and subjectivity in ontology evaluation: A survey Reject 10,733 20/Sep/2014
Introducing metrics in the lattice to build ontology [EKAW] reject 6,282 19/Sep/2014