A Dialogue with Linked Data: Voice-based Access to Market Data in the Sahel

Tracking #: 548-1751

Victor de Boer
Nana Baah Gyan
Anna Bon
Wendelien Tuyp1
Chris van Aart
Hans Akkermans

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Guest Editors Semantic Web For All

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Full Paper
The Linked Data movement has facilitated efficient data sharing in many domains. However, people in rural developing areas are mostly left out. Lack of relevant content and suitable interfaces prohibit potential users in rural communities to produce and consume Linked Data. In this paper, we present a case study exposing locally produced market data as Linked Data, which shows that Linked Data can be meaningful in a rural, development context. We present a way of enriching the market data with voice labels, allowing for the development of applications that (re-)use the data in voice-based applications. Finally, we present a prototype demonstrator that provides access to this linked market data through a voice interface, accessible to first generation mobile phones.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Ivana Marenzi submitted on 18/Oct/2013
Minor Revision
Review Comment:

All previous comments have been addressed in the new version.
The structure and the future developments are now clear and well described.

Minor adjustments are still required as regards Figures numbering.
At page 6 Figure 4 should be Figure 3.
At page 7 Figure 3(should be Figure 4) is not explicitly reference in the running text.

The paper is a valid and interesting contribution for the Semantic Web journal readers community, and should be published.

Review #2
By Michalis Vafopoulos submitted on 04/Nov/2013
Review Comment:

Yes, they address all the issues I have mentioned.

Review #3
By Martin Murillo submitted on 05/Nov/2013
Review Comment:

The authors have addressed most of the items in the first review. The authors must check on the paper's English language, however. I also suggest to check the fluidity of sentences and to avoid isolated ideas.