Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updated
QA3: a Natural Language Approach to Question Answering over RDF Data Cubes Accept 8,341 28/Aug/2018
A Query Language for Semantic Complex Event Processing: Syntax, Semantics and Implementation Accept 7,316 06/Aug/2018
Combining RDF and SPARQL with CP-theories to reason about preferences in a Linked Data setting Accept 9,991 18/Dec/2019
Benchmarking Question Answering Systems Accept 7,575 06/Aug/2018
Quality Metrics For RDF Graph Summarization Accept 8,034 29/Jan/2019
Estimating query rewriting quality over LOD Accept 7,336 06/Aug/2018
Clover Quiz: a trivia game powered by DBpedia Accept 9,960 28/Aug/2018
Comparison and Evaluation of Ontologies for Units of Measurement Accept 10,503 06/Aug/2018
XMLSchema2ShEx: Converting XML validation to RDF validation Accept 8,246 28/Aug/2018
Social Internet of Things for Domotics: a Knowledge-based Approach over LDP-CoAP Accept 7,679 26/Jul/2018
Evaluating Query and Storage Strategies for RDF Archives Accept 8,992 06/Aug/2018
SML-Bench -- A Benchmarking Framework for Structured Machine Learning Accept 8,330 06/Aug/2018
RehabRobo-Query: Answering Natural Language Queries about Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud Accept 7,695 12/Sep/2018
Privacy, Security and Policies: A review of Problems and Solutions with Semantic Web Technologies Accept 8,571 14/Jan/2018
Ontology for a Panoptes building: exploiting contextual information and a smart camera network Accept 8,035 01/Aug/2018
On the Quality of Vocabularies for Linked Dataset Papers Published in the Semantic Web Journal Accept 9,261 14/Jan/2018
Evaluation of Metadata Representations in RDF stores Accept 8,965 06/Aug/2018
BimSPARQL: Domain-specific functional SPARQL extensions for querying RDF building data Accept 7,667 29/Jul/2018
Best Practices for Publishing, Retrieving, and Using Spatial Data on the Web Accept 24,829 05/Aug/2018
SmartEnv as a Network of Ontology Patterns Accept 7,967 05/Aug/2018
KnowMore - Knowledge Base Augmentation with Structured Web Markup Accept 9,775 05/Aug/2018
Extracting common sense knowledge via triple ranking using supervised and unsupervised distributional models Accept 7,217 05/Aug/2018
Editorial: Special Issue on Quality Management of Semantic Web Assets (Data, Services and Systems) Accept 7,162 15/Nov/2017
STEM: Stacked Threshold-based Entity Matching for Knowledge Base Generation Accept 7,353 05/Aug/2018
Evaluating the Quality of the LOD Cloud: An Empirical Investigation Accept 9,327 05/Aug/2018
RDF2Vec: RDF Graph Embeddings and Their Applications Accept 11,092 07/Aug/2018
Semantic Prediction Assistant Approach applied to Energy Efficiency in Tertiary Buildings Accept 7,180 22/Jul/2018
A Machine Learning Approach for Product Matching and Categorization Accept 8,303 05/Aug/2018
DogOnt as a viable seed for semantic modeling of AEC/FM Accept 8,492 17/Jul/2018
Weaving a Web of Linked Resources Accept 11,314 08/Apr/2018