Accepted Papers

Title Decision/Status Views Updated
Learning SHACL Shapes from Knowledge Graphs Accept 2,988 19/Sep/2022
Semantic Web Technologies and Bias in Artificial Intelligence: A Systematic Literature Review Accept 6,110 10/Aug/2022
Digital Humanities on the Semantic Web: Sampo Model and Portal Series Accept 3,890 10/Aug/2022
Instance Level Analysis on Linked Open Data Connectivity for Cultural Heritage Entity Linking and Data Integration Accept 3,684 20/May/2022
Transdisciplinary approach to archaeological investigations in a Semantic Web perspective Accept 2,836 01/Aug/2022
LSQ 2.0: A Linked Dataset of SPARQL Query Logs Accept 5,342 04/Nov/2022
Linking Discourse level information and induction of bilingual discourse connective lexicons Accept 3,317 27/May/2022
Analysis of Ontologies and Policy Languages to Represent Information Flows in GDPR Accept 4,383 20/May/2022
Paving the Way for Enriched Metadata of Linguistic Linked Data Accept 3,525 10/Aug/2022
Tab2KG: Semantic Table Interpretation with Lightweight Semantic Profiles Accept 3,303 03/Mar/2022
A Survey on Knowledge-Aware News Recommender Systems Accept 4,409 11/Aug/2022
Neural Entity Linking: A Survey of Models Based on Deep Learning Accept 3,719 11/Feb/2022
Blue Brain Nexus: An open, secure, scalable system for knowledge graph management and data-driven science Accept 5,024 10/Aug/2022
Deep Understanding of Everyday Activity Commands for Household Robots Accept 3,943 24/Mar/2022
Answer Selection in Community Question Answering Exploiting Knowledge Graph and Context Information Accept 3,358 07/Mar/2022
Network representation learning method embedding linear and nonlinear network structures Accept 3,170 31/Dec/2021
MADLINK: Attentive Multihop and Entity Descriptions for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs Accept 3,969 17/Oct/2022
A Survey on Transfer Learning using Knowledge Graphs Accept 4,385 28/Dec/2021
Taxonomy Enrichment with Text and Graph Vector Representations Accept 3,190 28/Dec/2021
Diverse Data! Diverse Schemata? Accept 3,783 18/Nov/2021
Analyzing the generalizability of the network-based topic emergence identification method Accept 3,251 28/Dec/2021
Components.js: Semantic Dependency Injection Accept 3,998 09/Jan/2022
Question Answering with Deep Neural Networks for Semi-Structured Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs Accept 3,586 26/Jun/2022
RelTopic: A Graph-Based Semantic Relatedness Measure in Topic Ontologies and Its Applicability for Topic Labeling of Old Press Articles Accept 3,722 28/Jul/2022
Building Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graphs from Vectorized Topographic Historical Maps Accept 3,695 10/Aug/2022
Casual Learn: A Linked Data-Based Mobile Application for Learning about Local Cultural Heritage Accept 6,351 03/Jan/2022
Characteristic Sets Profile Features: Estimation and Application to SPARQL Query Planning Accept 3,458 10/Aug/2022
Bilingual dictionary generation and enrichment via graph exploration Accept 3,598 10/Aug/2022
Methodologies for publishing linked open government data on the web: a systematic mapping and a unified process model Accept 3,802 27/Jan/2022
Handling Qualitative Preferences in SPARQL over Virtual Ontology-Based Data Access Accept 3,709 28/Dec/2021