Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia

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Ali Ismayilov
Dimitris Kontokostas
Sören Auer
Jens Lehmann
Sebastian Hellmann

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Aidan Hogan

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Dataset Description
DBpedia is one of the earliest and most prominent nodes of the Linked Open Data cloud. DBpedia extracts and provides structured data for various crowd-maintained information sources such as over 100 Wikipedia language editions as well as Wikimedia Commons by employing a mature ontology and a stable and thorough Linked Data publishing lifecycle. Wikidata, on the other hand, has recently emerged as a user curated source for structured information which is included inWikipedia. In this paper, we present how Wikidata is incorporated in the DBpedia eco-system. Enriching DBpedia with structured information fromWikidata provides added value for a number of usage scenarios. We outline those scenarios and describe the structure and conversion process of the DBpediaWikidata (DBW) dataset.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Denny Vrandecic submitted on 22/Dec/2016
Review Comment:

As I stated before, I have a certain bias with regards to this paper. I still do not fully agree with all statements in it, but at this point the disagreements tend to be mostly political. There are also further discussions ongoing regarding parts of the topic of this paper, and since this puts me in a weird spot, I will state my suggestion to accept the paper and refrain from further politicizing the review process. I think that my questions have been addressed fairly, and that the paper as it is now can be accepted.

One minor comment, Section 1, para 2: "freshnenss" -> "freshness"

Review #2
By Heiko Paulheim submitted on 20/Jan/2017
Review Comment:

In this revision, the authors have addressed most of my comments. There is only one point left which I think is questionable:

The article states (pp.3): "The decision [...] enables those tools that are designed to consume the DBpedia ontology to be able to consume, hopfefully out of the box, the Wikidata data as well." When asked for evidence with some example tool, the authors write in their cover letter that a demonstration "would require further owrk as different applications need different settings for re-deployment with new configuration".
Somehow, this seems contradictive. It either works out of the box, or it requires further work for reconfiguration.

While I would truly appreciate a demonstration here, it would also be OK for me to remove the words "out of the box" in the article ;-)