Stream Reasoning and Complex Event Processing in ETALIS

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Stream Reasoning and Complex Event Processing in ETALIS
Darko Anicic, Sebastian Rudolph, Paul Fodor, Nenad Stojanovic
Addressing dynamics and notifications in the SemanticWeb realm has recently become an important area of research. Run time data is continuously generated by multiple social networks, sensor networks, various on-line services, and so forth. How to get advantage of this continuously arriving data (events) remains a challenge – that is, how to integrate heterogeneous event streams, combine them with background knowledge (e.g., an ontology), and perform event processing and stream reasoning. In this paper we describe ETALIS – a system which enables specification and monitoring of changes in real time. Changes can be specified as complex event patterns, and ETALIS can detect them in real time. Moreover the tool can perform reasoning over streaming events with respect to background knowledge. ETALIS implements two languages for event patterns: ETALIS Language for Events, and Event Processing SPARQL. ETALIS has various applicabilities in capturing changes in semantic networks, broadcasting notifications to interested parties, and creating further changes (based on processing of the temporal, static, or slowly evolving knowledge).
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Tool/System Report
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Martin Raubal