Special Issue on Semantic Web Interfaces

Tracking #: 1033-2244

Roberto García
Heiko Paulheim
Paola Di Maio

Responsible editor: 
Pascal Hitzler

Submission type: 
With a growing number of Semantic Web data sources, spanning from small documents to large-scale knowledge bases, the question of how to reasonably interact with those sources becomes important. Interactive tools should span the whole lifecycle of Semantic Web sources, starting from end-user friendly authoring tools to applications consuming semantic web data and supporting users in making sense of such data. So far, only few high level interfaces exist that are available capable of supporting user navigation, manipulation and interaction with semantic technologies and datasets. This special issue called to harvest the latest work in this research area and received a number of high quality submissions. The four papers accepted and collected in this special issue explore and evaluate both established and novel ideas in designing interaction methods, targeting single users as well as collaborating groups, for the Semantic Web.
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