Semantic Web Machine Reading with FRED

Tracking #: 1379-2591

Aldo Gangemi
Valentina Presutti
Diego Reforgiato Recupero
Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese
Francesco Draicchio
Misael Mongiovì

Responsible editor: 
Harith Alani

Submission type: 
Tool/System Report
A machine reader is a tool able to transform natural language text to formal structured knowledge so as the latter can be interpreted by machines, according to a shared semantics. FRED is a machine reader for the semantic web: its output is a RDF/OWL graph, whose design is based on frame semantics. Nevertheless, FRED’s graph are domain and task independent making the tool suitable to be used as a semantic middleware for domain- or task- specific applications. To serve this purpose, it is available both as REST service and as Python library. This paper provides details about FRED’s capabilities, design issues, implementation and evaluation.
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Review #1
By Antoine Zimmermann submitted on 18/May/2016
Review Comment:

The response to my latest comments are satisfying and I accept the paper in its latest form.