Repairing $\mathcal{EL_\perp}$ Ontologies Using Debugging, Weakening and Completing

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Ying Li
Patrick Lambrix

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Stefan Schlobach

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Full Paper
The quality of ontologies in terms of their correctness and completeness is crucial for developing high-quality ontology-based applications. Traditional debugging techniques repair ontologies by removing unwanted axioms, but may thereby remove consequences that are correct in the domain of the ontology. In this paper we propose an interactive approach to mitigate this for $\mathcal{EL_\perp}$ ontologies by axiom weakening and completing. We present the first approach for repairing that takes into account debugging, removing, weakening and completing. We show different combination strategies, discuss the influence on the final ontologies and show experimental results. We show that previous work has only considered special cases, and that there is a trade-off, and how to deal with it, involving the amount of validation work for a domain expert and the quality of the ontology in terms of correctness and completeness. We also present new algorithms for weakening and completing.
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