Psychiq and Wwwyzzerdd: Wikidata completion using Wikipedia

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Daniel Erenrich

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Guest Editors Wikidata 2022

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Tool/System Report
Despite its size, Wikidata remains incomplete and inaccurate in many areas. Hundreds of thousands of articles on English Wikipedia have zero or limited meaningful structure on Wikidata. Much work has been done in the literature to partially or fully automate the process of completing knowledge graphs, but little of it has been practically applied to Wikidata. This paper presents two interconnected practical approaches to speeding up the Wikidata completion task. The first is Wwwyzzerdd, a browser extension that allows users to quickly import statements from Wikipedia to Wikidata. Wwwyzzerdd has been used to make over 100 thousand edits to Wikidata. The second is Psychiq, a new model for predicting instance and subclass statements based on English Wikipedia articles. Psychiq’s performance and characteristics make it well suited to solving a variety of problems for the Wikidata community.
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