Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation in the IoT Cybersecurity System

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Anna Bryniarska
Waldemar Pokuta

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Rafael Goncalves

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Application Report
The use of Semantic Web in cybersecurity systems is becoming more and more popular. This is an important problem, especially in times when IoT systems are developing very quickly and and their security must be maintained. Thanks to the semantic web, it is possible to store and process cybersecurity knowledge using ontology. We describe a system for analyzing the level of cybersecurity among Polish citizens, in particular Internet of Things (IoT) users. An ontology-based knowledge representation related to the security level was created for the described system. The ontology contains the information necessary to determine the security level in different locations and to conduct deeper analysis. It has been prepared for the needs of the IoT system for storing data and knowledge. The described Semantic Web application is part of a larger project that allows to determine cyber security and cyber threats of IoT devices.
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