Ontology of autonomous driving based on the SAE J3016 standard

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Robert Trypuz
Piotr Kulicki
Mirek Sopek

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Cogan Shimizu

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Full Paper
Autonomous driving is a recently developed area in which technology seems to be ahead of its understanding within society. That causes some fears concerning the reliability of autonomous vehicles and controversies over liability in case of accidents. Specifying levels of driving autonomy within the SAE-J3016 standard is widely recognized as a significant step towards comprehending the essence of the achievements. However, the standard provides even more valuable insights into the process of driving automation. In the paper, we develop the ideas using the methods of formal ontology that allow us to make the conceptual system more precise and formalize it. To increase inseparability, we ground our system on a top-level BFO ontology. We present a formal account of several areas covered by the SAE-J3016 standard, including motor vehicles and their systems, driving tasks and subtasks, roles of persons in road communication, and autonomy levels.
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