Methodologies for publishing linked open government data on the web: a systematic mapping and a unified process model

Tracking #: 2896-4110

Bruno Elias Penteado
José Carlos Maldonado
Seiji Isotani

Responsible editor: 
Jens Lehmann

Submission type: 
Survey Article
Since the beginning of the release of open data by many countries, different methodologies for publishing linked data have been proposed. However, they seem not to be adopted by early studies exploring linked data for different reasons. In this work, we conducted a systematic mapping in the literature to synthesize the different approaches around the following topics: common steps, associated tools and practices, quality assessment validations, and evaluation of the methodology. The findings show a core set of activities, based on the linked data principles, but with additional critical steps for practical use in scale. Furthermore, although a fair amount of quality issues are reported in the literature, very few of these methodologies embed validation steps in their process. We describe an integrated overview of the different activities and how they can be executed with appropriate tools. We also present research challenges that need to be addressed in future works in this area.
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