Geospatial Dataset Curation through a Location-based Game

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Irene Celino

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Jens Lehmann

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Dataset Description
The Urbanopoly datasets contain the results of a data curation campaign on available geospatial open datasets like OpenStreetMap. The curation effort is conducted through a location-based Game with a Purpose inspired by the monopoly board game. The paper describes the generated datasets: we illustrate the genesis and life-cycle of Urbanopoly data; we explain the modelling choices by introducing the provenance-based Human Computation ontology and by giving examples of the datasets' content; we describe the datasets' publication on the Web as Linked Data and the cross-links to the curated datasets; finally, we indicate the envisioned uses of the datasets as well as their possible re-uses.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Marta Sabou submitted on 31/Jul/2013
Review Comment:

The author has significantly revised the paper providing all relevant dataset statistics as well as strengthening the aspects related to the usefulness of the dataset. I therefore suggest acceptance of the paper.

Review #2
By Victor de Boer submitted on 07/Aug/2013
Minor Revision
Review Comment:

I feel the adjustments made in reaction to my initial concerns are largely very succesful. I think the paper reads much clearer now that there is a clear distinction between the two datasets that are presented. Especially in combination with the Statistics section, most of my concerns are adequately addressed.

I still feel however, that my comment about the re-usability of the produced data can still be better addressed. Section 6.2 details the possible reuse of the consolidated data clearly. 6.4 is however still a bit too unclear. It still seems to refer too much to possibly interesting analysis within the urbanopoly game, not concrete use cases outside. If the authors are able to include a concrete example of such (plausible) external reuse, I consider this issue resolved and would happily accept the paper.

Another reason why I still think the re-use outside of the curation is limited is because of the lack of links to external data sources *other than the back-links to the original data*. Section 3.2 nor Section 6 explain why there are no links to other outside sources.

One minor thing is my question about the minigames. concretely: how many different minigames are there? Four (as in the figure?) or more?

Review #3
By Willem Robert van Hage submitted on 23/Oct/2013
Review Comment:

The additions I requested in the first round of reviews were further statistics, an improved description of the data as well as references to where the data can be obtained. This was all done in the revision, so I am happy with the improvements made to the paper and suggest to accept it.