Flexible Query Processing for SPARQL

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Riccardo Frosini
Andrea Calì
Alexandra Poulovassilis
Peter T. Wood

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Guest Editors Question Answering Linked Data

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Full Paper
Flexible querying techniques can enhance users' access to complex, heterogeneous datasets in settings such as Linked Data, where the user may not always know how a query should be formulated in order to retrieve the desired answers. This paper presents query processing algorithms for a fragment of SPARQL 1.1 incorporating regular path queries (property path queries), extended with query approximation and relaxation operators. Our flexible query processing approach is based on query rewriting and returns answers incrementally according to their ``distance'' from the exact form of the query. We formally show the soundness, completeness and termination properties of our query rewriting algorithm. We also present empirical results that show promising query processing performance for the extended language.
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By Aidan Hogan submitted on 03/Nov/2015
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I am happy that the authors have resolved the issue.