Expressive Querying and Scalable Management of Large RDF Archives

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Olivier Pelgrin
Ruben Taelman
Luis Galàrraga
Katja Hose

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Aidan Hogan

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Full Paper
The proliferation of large and ever-growing RDF datasets has sparked a need for robust and performant RDF archiving systems. In order to tackle this challenge, several solutions have been proposed throughout the years, including archiving systems based on independent copies, time-based indexes, and change-based approaches. In recent years, modern solutions combine several of the above mentioned paradigms. In particular, aggregated changesets of time-annotated triples have showcased a noteworthy ability to handle and query relatively large RDF archives. However, such approaches still suffer from scalability issues, notably at ingestion time. This makes the use of these solutions prohibitive for large revision histories. Furthermore, applications for such systems remain often constrained by their limited querying abilities, where SPARQL is often left out in favor of single triple-pattern queries. In this paper, we propose a hybrid storage approach based on aggregated changesets, snapshots, and multiple delta chains that additionally provides full querying SPARQL on RDF archives. This is done by interfacing our system with a modified SPARQL query engine. We evaluate our system with different snapshot creation strategies on the BEAR benchmark for RDF archives and showcase improvements of up to one order of magnitude in ingestion speed compared to state-of-the-art approaches, while keeping competitive querying performance. Furthermore, we demonstrate our SPARQL query processing capabilities on the BEAR-C variant of BEAR. This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first openly-available endeavor that provides full SPARQL querying on RDF archives.
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