ENVOn: An ontology of 3D environment where a simulated manipulation task takes place

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Yingshen Zhao1
Arkopaul SARKAR
Mohamed Hedi KARRAY

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Guest Editors SW for Industrial Engineering 2022

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Full Paper
Thanks to the advent of robotics in shopfloor and warehouse environments, control rooms need to seamlessly exchange information regarding the dynamically changing 3D environment to facilitate tasks and path planning for the robots. Adding to the complexity, this type of environment is heterogeneous as it includes both free space and various types of rigid bodies (equipment, materials, humans etc.). At the same time, 3D environment-related information is also required by the virtual applications (e.g., VR techniques) for the behavioral study of CAD-based product models or simulation of CNC operations. In past research, information models for such heterogeneous 3D environments are often built without ensuring connection among different levels of abstractions required for different applications. To address such multiple points of view and modelling requirements for 3D objects and environments, this paper proposes an ontology model that integrates the contextual, topologic, and geometric information of both the rigid bodies and the free space. The ontology provides an evolvable knowledge model that can support simulated task-related information in general. This ontology aims to greatly improve interoperability as a path planning system (e.g., robot) and will be able to deal with different applications by simply updating the contextual semantics related to some targeted application while keeping the geometric and topological models intact by leveraging the semantic link among the models.
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