Efficient Management and Compliance Check of HVAC Information in the Building Design Phase Using Semantic Web Technologies

Tracking #: 3595-4809

Ali Kücükavci
Mikki Seidenschnur
Pieter Pauwels
Mad Holten Rasmussen
Christian Anker Hviid

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Cogan Shimizu

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Full Paper
Several OWL ontologies have been developed for the AEC industry to manage domain-specific information, yet they often overlook the domain of building services and HVAC components. The Flow Systems Ontology was recently proposed to address this need, but it does not include HVAC components' size and capacity-related properties. Also, despite their strengths in representing domain-specific knowledge, ontologies cannot efficiently identify poor data quality in BIM models. A four-fold contribution is made in this research paper to define and improve the data quality of HVAC information by (1) extending the existing Flow Systems Ontology, (2) proposing the new Flow Properties Ontology, (3) proposing an HVAC rule set for compliance checking, and (4), moreover, we use Semantic Web technologies to demonstrate the benefits of efficient HVAC data management when sizing components. The demonstration case shows that we can represent the data model in a distributed way, validate it using 36 SHACL shapes and use SPARQL to determine the pressure and flow rate of fans and pumps.
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Solicited Reviews:
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Review #1
By Joern Ploennigs submitted on 18/Feb/2024
Review Comment:

The authors did a splendid job in addressing the review comments. They should check the spelling and grammar on some of their smaller text changes and add a note to table 4 and 6 that for other elements (best for which) all validation rules passed.

Review #2
Anonymous submitted on 25/Mar/2024
Review Comment:

I approve the revised paper.