Editorial: Special Issue on Semantic Technologies for Data and Algorithmic Governance

Tracking #: 3615-4829

Sabrina Kirrane
Oshani Seneviratne
Michel Dumontier
Guest Editors ST 4 Data and Algorithmic Governance 2020

Responsible editor: 
Cogan Shimizu

Submission type: 
Technology is playing a progressively important key role in enabling effective governance structures, processes, and frameworks. As society increasingly depends on complex systems ranging from simple ‘decision support systems’ to ‘systems of systems’ and ‘semi-autonomous systems’, data and algorithmic governance are paramount. When it comes to data and algorithmic governance tools and techniques, there are still many open questions. For instance, to what extent do these systems safeguard against privacy violations and honour intellectual property rights? Can granular consent be granted, and will its users understand the consequences? How can biases, discrimination, and censorship be identified and acted on? Do transparency and explainability lead to greater accountability? How can trust be woven into the fabric of these systems? Towards this end, this special issue aims to explore the development and evaluation of semantic technologies with respect to the data and algorithmic governance mechanisms, processes, and methodologies that are critically needed to support the development of trust-centric social and business applications.
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