Editorial of the Special Issue on Latest Advancements in Linguistic Linked Data

Tracking #: 3251-4465

Julia Bosque
Philipp Cimiano
Milan Dojchinovski

Responsible editor: 
Pascal Hitzler

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Since the inception of the Open Linguistics Working Group in 2010, there have been numerous efforts in transforming language resources into Linked Data. The research field of Linguistic Linked Data (LLD) has gained in importance, visibility and impact, with the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud gathering nowadays over 200 resources. With this increasing growth, new challenges have emerged concerning particular domain and task applications, quality dimensions, and linguistic features to take into account. This special issue aims to review and summarize the progress and status of LLD research in recent years, as well as to offer an understanding of the challenges ahead of the field for the years to come. The papers in this issue indicate that there are still aspects to address for a wider community adoption of LLD, as well as a lack of resources for specific tasks and (interdisciplinary) domains. Likewise, the integration of LLD resources into Natural Language Processing (NLP) architectures and the search for long-term infrastructure solutions to host LLD resources continue to be essential points to which to attend in the foreseeable future of the research line.
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