DM2E: A Linked Data Source of Digitised Manuscripts for the Digital Humanities

Tracking #: 1299-2511

Konstantin Baierer
Evelyn Dröge
Kai Eckert
Doron Goldfarb
Julia Iwanowa
Christian Morbidoni
Dominique Ritze

Responsible editor: 
Christoph Schlieder

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Dataset Description
The DM2E dataset is a five-star dataset providing metadata and links for direct access to digitized content from various cultural heritage institutions across Europe. The data model is a true specialization of the Europeana Data Model and reflects specific requirements from the domain of manuscripts and old prints, as well as from developers who want to create applications on top of the data. One such application is a scholarly research platform for the Digital Humanities that was created as part of the DM2E project and can be seen as a reference implementation. The Linked Data API was developed with versioning and provenance from the beginning, leading to new theoretical and practical insights.
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