Data Sharing in Agricultural Supply Chains: Using semantics to enable sustainable food systems

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Christopher Brewster
Nikos Kalatzis
Barry Nouwt
Han Kruiger
Jack Verhoosel

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Guest Editors Global Food System 2021

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Full Paper
The agrifood system faces a great many economic, social and environmental challenges. One of the biggest practical challenges has been to achieve greater data sharing throughout the agrifood system and the supply chain, both to inform other stakeholders about a product and equally to incentivise greater environmental sustainability. In this paper, a data sharing architecture is described built on three principles a) reuse of existing semantic standards; b) integration with legacy systems; and c) a distributed architecture where stakeholders control access to their own data. The system has been developed based on the requirements of commercial users and is designed to allow queries across a federated network of agrifood stakeholders. The Ploutos semantic model is built on an integration of existing ontologies. The Ploutos architecture is built on a discovery directory and interoperability enablers, which use graph query patterns to traverse the network and collect the requisite data to be shared. The system is exemplified in the context of a pilot involving commercial stakeholders in the processed fruit sector. The data sharing approach is highly extensible with considerable potential for capturing sustainability related data.
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