A Concise Ontological Model of Properties in the Quantum Cascade Laser Domain

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Deperias Kerre
Anne Laurent
Kenneth Maussang
Dickson Owuor

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Guest Editors KG Gen 2023

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Ontology Description
Terahertz quantum cascade lasers are semiconductor laser devices that operate in the the far infrared (in the frequency range from about 100GHz to 10THz). Information regarding the quantum cascade laser (QCL) design is quite crucial in understanding the various laser designs and their implication on the laser performance. Maintaining knowledge bases or ontologies with this information is therefore useful in supporting data mining activities that seek to retrieve useful information on the various quantum cascade laser designs and their respective performance. The ontologies and knowledge bases can also be used to generate Knowledge Graphs (KGs) that can support queries on QCL designs and performance. Most of the existing ontologies and knowledge bases in the material design domain do not capture this crucial information. In this paper, we present a semantically enriched ontological model of properties in the quantum cascade laser domain. The properties of interest include the design of the laser (Heterostructure), working mode of the laser and the corresponding opto-electronic characteristics. We evaluate the ability of ontological representation to model the quantum cascade laser properties using properties from sample scientific articles documenting the various QCL designs and their properties.
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