Assembly Line for conceptual models

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Karel Klima
Petr Kremen1
Martin Ledvinka1
Michal Med
Alice Binder
Miroslav Blasko
Martin Necasky1

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Guest Editors Tools Systems 2022

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Tool/System Report
Assembly Line is an open-source web platform for collaborative development of ontologies. The platform is generic and domain independent by design, and we demonstrate its capabilities within the domain of Czech public administration -- in this case Assembly Line facilitates building a common Czech eGovernment ontology. In our previous work we introduced the semantic government vocabulary (SGoV), an ontologically-founded layered vocabulary reflecting the diversity of public administration domains and legal concepts important in these domains. We presented SGoV as a rich conceptual model to describe the meaning of open government data published by different public authorities using shared vocabularies. Assembly Line is a natural continuation of that work. It is a platform designed to create, manage, and publish SGoV. The platform includes tools that enable various offices within public administration to manage their own vocabularies, while ensuring semantic integrity of the SGoV as a whole. We demonstrate the impact of the Assembly line on two data publication scenarios in the Czech public administration domain, the registry of rights and obligations and the electronic code of laws.
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