ABECTO: Assessing Accuracy and Completeness of RDF Knowledge Graphs

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Jan Martin Keil

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Guest Editors Tools Systems 2022

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Tool/System Report
Accuracy and completeness of RDF knowledge graphs are crucial quality criteria for their fitness for use. However, assessing accuracy and completeness of knowledge graphs requires a basis for comparison. Unfortunately, in general, a gold standard to compare with does not exist. As an alternative, we propose the comparison with other, overlapping RDF knowledge graphs of arbitrary quality. We present ABECTO, a command line tool that implements a pipeline based framework for the comparison of multiple RDF knowledge graphs. For these knowledge graphs, it provides quality annotations like value deviations and quality measurements like completeness. This enables knowledge graph curators to monitor the quality and potential users to select an appropriated knowledge graph for their purpose. With two example applications of ABECTO we demonstrate the usefulness of ABECTO for the improvement of knowledge graphs.
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