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Special issue on Knowledge Graph Construction

Call for papers: Special Issue on

Knowledge Graph Construction

This special issue aims to explore the latest research trends and enhance the state of the art in the field of knowledge graph construction from semi-structured data. While many methods and systems were proposed to construct knowledge graphs from existing semi-structured data stored in databases or available on the Web, knowledge graph construction is a complex task and there are still many open research questions.

Semantic Web journal 10-year award 2023

We congratulate

Hajo Rijgersberg, Wageningen University & Research
Mark van Assem, NWO
Jan Top, Wageningen University & Research and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (retired)

for receiving the

Semantic Web journal 10-year award 2023

for their paper

Hajo Rijgersberg, Mark van Assem, Jan Top, Ontology of Units of Measure and Related Concepts. Semantic Web 4 (1), 2013, 3-13.