Call for Special Issue Proposals

Semantic Web research is interdisciplinary in nature. Indeed, progress towards the Semantic Web vision requires the incorporation of fundamental state-of-the-art and future developments from many domains including Computer & Information Science, Cognitive Science, Geographic Information Science, the social sciences, and many more. To establish bridges between these domains, it is thus important to demonstrate what and how they contribute to the Semantic Web vision, and what the Semantic Web can offer in return to these disciplines.

Hence, the Semantic Web Journal calls for Special Issue proposals on topics which (a) are within the topical realm of a neighboring domain but (b) contribute directly or indirectly to Semantic Web research. Research published in such special issues should strengthen the in-depth information exchange between disciplines by providing novel and high-quality contributions and at the same time demonstrate the impact on foundational research questions relevant for Semantic Web. While such manuscripts can be written with a specific audience in mind, the key ideas and contributions should be accessible to the broader Semantic web community.

Proposals for special issues shall be sent to the Editors-in-Chief ( and contain the following information in a single PDF file:

* Names and affiliations of all guest editors

* Topic of the special issue

* Tentative list of Guest Editorial Board members

* A short description of the topic

* Why the topic is currently of interest

* Why the topic is relevant to this call

* Credentials of the guest editors regarding their research impact and their community standing with respect to the topic

* A draft call for papers, including a suggested time-line

It will be assumed that all proposed guest editors are aware of the journal's open and transparent review policy described at

Submission deadline: 10th of January, 2011