Call for Papers: Special Issue on Tools & Systems

Call for papers: Special Issue on

Tools & Systems

The Semantic Web is a wide domain covering many different aspects. Whereas typical full papers in the Semantic Web Journal tackle specific research problems, there is a clear need to acknowledge the impact that tools and systems can have on the domain and its research. Hence, we have an open call for Reports on tools and systems, which we aim to support by a dedicated special issue focusing on these.

We invite submissions of short papers describing mature Semantic Web-related tools and systems. These reports should be brief and pointed, indicating clearly the capabilities of the described tool or system. Submissions will be reviewed along the following dimensions:

  1. Quality, importance, and impact of the described tool or system.
  2. Clarity, illustration, and readability of the describing paper, which shall convey to the reader both the capabilities and the limitations of the tool.

It is strongly encouraged, that the described tools or systems are free, open, and accessible on the Web. If this is not possible, then they have to be made available to the reviewers. For commercial tools and systems, exceptions can be arranged through the editors.

Topics of Interest

We invite submissions on all kinds of tools and systems related to the Semantic Web, including, but not limited to, the following.

  • Semantic Web agents and apps
  • ontology editors, tools, and validators
  • Semantic Web developer tooling
  • Domains-specific tools (cultural heritage, scholarly data, etc.)
  • RDF stores
  • RDF and OWL reasoners
  • SPARQL query engines
  • Semantic browsers
  • Semantic search tools
  • Semantic Mashup tools
  • Visualisation and analysis tools for knowledge graphs
  • Machine Learning based tools for the Semantic Web


Submission deadline: 31st of August, 2022 (extended!). Papers will be processed faster if they come sooner, and notification is expected earlier in these cases.


Submissions shall be made through the Semantic Web journal website at Prospective authors must take notice of the submission guidelines posted at Note that you need to request an account on the website for submitting a paper.

Submissions should be up to 15 pages in length in the new single-column format, and must be of the "ToolSystem Report" submission type. Please see the submission information and guidelines. When entering your manuscript into the review system, please state "Tools and Systems" in the cover letter. Please also note the journal's open review process.

Also note that the Semantic Web journal is open access.

Finally please note that submissions must comply with the journal’s Open Science Data requirements, which are detailed in the corresponding blog post.

Guest editors

The guest editors can be reached at .

Mehwish Alam, FIZ Karlsruhe, Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure, Germany.

Ruben Verborgh, Ghent University – imec, Belgium.

Guest editorial board

to be extended

Maribel Acosta, University of Ruhr Bochum, Germany
Luigi Asprino, University of Bologna, Italy
Russa Biswas, FIZ - Karlsruhe, Germany
Adrien Coulet, INRIA - Paris, France
Enrico Daga, Knowldge Media Institute (KMi), The Open University.
Danilo Dessi, University of Cagliari, Italy
Anastasia Dimou, KU Leuven, Belgium
Anna Fensel, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Genet Asefa Gesese, FIZ - Karlsruhe, Germany
Pierre Monnin, Orange Labs, France
Catia Pesquita, LASIGE - University of Lisbon, Portugal
Diego Reforgiato Recupero, University of Cagliari, Italy
Angelo Salatino, Knowldge Media Institute (KMi), The Open University.
Cassia Trojahn dos Santos, IRIT-UTM, Toulouse, France
Rima Tuerker, FIZ - Karlsruhe, Germany
Sahar Vahadati, University of Oxford, University of Bonn