This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
Enhancing Ontology Matching: Lexically and Syntactically Standardizing Ontologies Through Customized Lexical Analyzers Major Revision 791 21/Jul/2024
Matcha-DL a tool for supervised ontology alignment Major Revision 808 21/Jul/2024
Efficient Management and Compliance Check of HVAC Information in the Building Design Phase Using Semantic Web Technologies Accept 1,022 18/Jul/2024
Editorial: Neuro-Symbolic AI and the Semantic Web Accept 433 17/Jul/2024
Editorial: Towards a Global Food Systems Datahub Accept 403 17/Jul/2024
Editorial: Special Issue on Interactive Semantic Web Accept 747 17/Jul/2024
Editorial: Special Issue on Semantic Technologies for Data and Algorithmic Governance Accept 922 17/Jul/2024
InteractOA: Showcasing the representation of knowledge from scientific literature in Wikidata Accept 473 15/Jul/2024
Ontology for Knowledge Graph Construction using Visual Relationships Reject (Pre-Screening) 202 11/Jul/2024
Improving the ShExML engine through a profiling methodology Major Revision 538 11/Jul/2024
Pushing the Boundaries: Classification of Entity Alignment from RDF Embeddings Reject 704 07/Jul/2024
Multimodal Named Entity Recognition with Fine-grained Alignment and Cross-modal Fusion Reject (Pre-Screening) 169 28/Jun/2024
Path-based and triplification approaches to mapping data into RDF: user behaviours and recommendations Accept 941 24/Jun/2024
On assessing weaker logical status claims in Wikidata Cultural Heritage records Accept 495 24/Jun/2024
Knowledge Graph-Based Approach For Dynamic Ontology Generation Reject 1,816 21/Jun/2024
Semantic Web and its Role in Facilitating ICT Data Sharing in the Circular Economy: An Ontology Survey Accept 1,268 17/Jun/2024
Ontology of Descriptions and Observations for Integrated Modelling (ODO-IM) Reject 729 17/Jun/2024
Multilingual Question Answering Systems for Knowledge Graphs—A Survey Accept 635 12/Jun/2024
RQSS: Referencing Quality Scoring System for Wikidata Accept 975 01/Jun/2024
StarVers - Versioning and Timestamping RDF data by means of RDF-star - An Approach based on Annotated Triples Reject (Two Strikes) 1,394 31/May/2024
Change Impact Analysis and Optimization in Ontology-based Content Management Systems Reject 9,005 30/May/2024
ImageSchemaNet: Formalizing embodied commonsense knowledge providing an image-schematic layer to Framester Accept 2,742 30/May/2024
A metadata schema for documenting material samples from multiple domains Reject (Pre-Screening) 338 12/May/2024
Expressive Querying and Scalable Management of Large RDF Archives Major Revision 699 03/May/2024
Ontology supported semantic based image retrieval Accept 940 29/Apr/2024
Explainable multi-hop dense question answering using knowledge bases and text Reject (Two Strikes) 1,740 29/Apr/2024
Special Issue on Semantic Web for Industrial Engineering: Research and Applications Accept 760 28/Apr/2024
The Role of Ontologies and Knowledge in Explainable AI Accept 1,534 28/Apr/2024
Explainable multi-hop dense question answering using knowledge bases and text Major Revision 2,298 28/Apr/2024