The YASGUI Family of SPARQL Clients

Tracking #: 1126-2338

Laurens Rietveld
Rinke Hoekstra

Responsible editor: 
Eero Hyvonen

Submission type: 
Tool/System Report
The size and complexity of the Semantic Web and its technology stack makes it difficult to query. Access to Linked Data could be greatly facilitated if it were supported by a tool with a strong focus on usability. In this paper we present the YASGUI family of SPARQL clients, a continuation of the YASGUI tool introduced more than two years ago. The YASGUI family of SPARQL clients enables publishers to improve ease of access for their SPARQL endpoints, and gives consumers of Linked Data a robust, feature-rich and user friendly SPARQL editor. We show that the YASGUI family had significant impact on the landscape of Linked Data management: YASGUI components are integrated in state-of-the-art triple-stores and Linked Data applications, and used as front-end by a large number of Linked Data publishers. Additionally, we show that the YASGUI web service – which provides access to any SPARQL endpoint – has a large and growing user base amongst Linked Data consumers.
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