A systematic mapping study on combining conceptual modeling with semantic web

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Cordula Eggerth
Syed Juned Ali
Dominik Bork

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Dagmar Gromann

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Survey Article
Conceptual models aim to represent real systems at a higher abstraction level. The Semantic Web intends to add meaning to any kind of data format to arrive at linked data. Taken together, both help facilitate data processing and integration for humans and machines. In this article, we systematically analyze the research landscape at the intersection of conceptual modeling and the Semantic Web by means of a systematic mapping study (SMS). Following the SMS research methodology, first, the research scope is defined, then the search queries are designed and executed. From initially 5.107 publications, we systematically filtered out all irrelevant ones, leaving us with 484 eventually relevant ones. These publications are analyzed and mapped to a number of taxonomies. The extracted and refined data is analyzed in several analysis steps comprising bibliographical, content, combined taxonomy, and research community analyses. In this paper, we show the most active institutions and authors in the field and the topics on which they work. We moreover show, by which means (e.g., modeling language and Semantic Web standard) research predominantly combines the two areas. Besides highlighting flourishing research areas, we also point to many remaining areas for future research in which we scarcely found existing works and/or see great potential.
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