A Survey of the State of Art for Multilingual Ontologies Classified Based on Application

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Amany Alnahdi1
Wejdan Radhwan
Sumayyah Alamoudi
Rania Abaoela
Fatmah Baothman
Shahad Mudhish

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Harald Sack

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Survey Article
Ontologies are semantic components that organize knowledge and enable context-aware communication among Web services. When modeling ontologies, different aspects are to be considered such as the natural language which represents ontology concepts. An ontology can be modeled using one language, two languages (bi-lingual), or several languages (multi-lingual). Multilingual ontologies have several applications which include biomedical, translation, and educational systems. This paper surveys and classifies the work in the domain of multilingual ontologies based on their applications. It summarizes and demonstrates the application of multilingual ontologies in each domain in terms of application, purpose of study, methodology, and multilingualism. The paper also indicates future research directions for modeling and using multilingual ontologies.
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