NEOntometrics – A Public Endpoint For Calculating Ontology Metrics

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Achim Reiz
Kurt Sandkuhl

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Guest Editors Tools Systems 2022

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Tool/System Report
Ontologies are the cornerstone of the semantic web and knowledge graphs. They are available from various sources, come in many shapes and sizes, and differ widely in their attributes like expressivity, degree of interconnection, or the number of individuals. As sharing knowledge and meaning across human and computational actors emphasizes the reuse of existing ontologies, how can we select the ontology that best fits the individual use case? How to compare two ontologies or assess their different versions? Automatically calculated ontology metrics offer a starting point for a quality assessment. In the past years, a multitude of metrics have been proposed. However, metric implementations and validations for real-world data are scarce. For most of these proposed metrics, no software for their calculation is available (anymore). This work aims at solving this implementation gap. We present NEOntometrics, an open-source, flexible metric endpoint that offers (1.) an explorative help page that assists in understanding and selecting ontology metrics, (2.) a public metric calculation service that allows assessing ontologies from online resources, including git-based repositories for calculating evolutional data, with an (3.) adaptable architecture to adopt new metrics quickly. We further take a quick look at an existing ontology repository that outlines the potential of the software and show how to customize NEOntometrics to individual requirements.
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