This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
An intelligent framework for the semantic web Reject (Pre-Screening) 522 11/May/2016
An empirical performance evaluation of a semantic-based data retrieving process from RDBs & RDF data storages Reject (Pre-Screening) 458 09/May/2016
Selected Papers from the Combined EKAW 2014 and Semantic Web Journal Track Accept 1,366 06/May/2016
Semantic Web Journal Volume 6 Issue 6 Accept 1,945 20/Apr/2016
Semantic Technologies for Historical Research: A Survey Accept 6,999 20/Apr/2016
Link Traversal Querying for a diverse Web of Data Accept 5,804 20/Apr/2016
Forest Logging: A Trace-Based Analysis of Large Rule-Based Computations Accept 3,040 20/Apr/2016
Sound, Complete and Minimal UCQ-Rewriting for Existential Rules Accept 3,947 20/Apr/2016
Probabilistic Description Logics under the Distribution Semantics Accept 3,321 20/Apr/2016
Coupling conceptual modeling and rules for the annotation of dramatic media Accept 3,268 20/Apr/2016
Multilingual Linked Data Patterns Accept 4,885 20/Apr/2016
Semantic Quran a Multilingual Resource for Natural-Language Processing Accept 4,634 20/Apr/2016
Countering language attrition with PanLex and the Web of Data Accept 3,894 20/Apr/2016
DBnary: Wiktionary as a Lemon-Based Multilingual Lexical Resource in RDF Accept 4,864 20/Apr/2016
PAROLE/SIMPLE ‘lemon’ ontology and lexicons Accept 4,192 20/Apr/2016
lemonUby - a large, interlinked, syntactically-rich lexical resource for ontologies Accept 3,359 20/Apr/2016
OLiA – Ontologies of Linguistic Annotation Accept 5,523 20/Apr/2016
Converting the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexicon into RDF with lemon Accept 3,354 20/Apr/2016
Using ontologies to model human navigation behavior in information networks: A study based on Wikipedia Accept 3,766 20/Apr/2016 Language-Related Information for the Linguistic Linked Data Cloud Accept 7,277 20/Apr/2016
OntoWiki - An Authoring, Publication and Visualization Interface for the Data Web Accept 5,073 20/Apr/2016
Collaborative multilingual knowledge management based on controlled natural language Accept 6,635 20/Apr/2016
WYSIWYM -- Integrated Visualization, Exploration and Authoring of Semantically Enriched Un-structured Content Accept 4,250 20/Apr/2016
Linked SDMX Data Accept 9,848 20/Apr/2016
Migrating Bibliographic Datasets to the Semantic Web: the AGRIS case Accept 4,108 20/Apr/2016
Geospatial Dataset Curation through a Location-based Game Accept 4,464 20/Apr/2016
The RÉPENER Linked Dataset Accept 3,647 20/Apr/2016
eagle-i: biomedical research resource datasets Accept 3,964 20/Apr/2016
Converting neXtProt into Linked Data and nanopublications Accept 4,154 20/Apr/2016