This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
An Ontology Design Pattern and Its Use Case for Modeling Material Transformation Accept 3,825 08/Apr/2018
DM2E: A Linked Data Source of Digitised Manuscripts for the Digital Humanities Accept 3,888 08/Apr/2018
SeMFIS: A Flexible Engineering Platform for Semantic Annotations of Conceptual Models Accept 4,633 08/Apr/2018
Ripple Down Rules for Question Answering Accept 6,401 08/Apr/2018
Flexible Query Processing for SPARQL Accept 3,686 08/Apr/2018
Question Answering over Biomedical Linked Data with Grammatical Framework Accept 3,566 08/Apr/2018
Querying Biomedical Linked Data with Natural Language Questions Accept 3,364 08/Apr/2018
A RADAR for Information Reconciliation in Question Answering Systems over Linked Data Accept 2,956 08/Apr/2018
Semantic Abstraction for Generalization of Tweet Classification: An Evaluation on Incident-Related Tweets Accept 4,759 08/Apr/2018
The YASGUI Family of SPARQL Clients Accept 4,730 08/Apr/2018
Using an Ontology for Representing the Knowledge on Literary Texts: the Dante Alighieri Case Study Accept 3,840 08/Apr/2018
Facilitating Scientometrics in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining - the LAK Dataset Accept 4,771 08/Apr/2018
Sparklis: An Expressive Query Builder for SPARQL Endpoints with Guidance in Natural Language Accept 3,870 08/Apr/2018
A Survey of Current Link Discovery Frameworks Accept 5,334 08/Apr/2018
Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV): a gateway to reusable semantic vocabularies on the Web Accept 11,719 08/Apr/2018
Ontology for observations and sampling features, with alignments to existing models Accept 4,673 08/Apr/2018
Ontop: Answering SPARQL Queries over Relational Databases Accept 5,860 08/Apr/2018
Knowledge Graph Refinement: A Survey of Approaches and Evaluation Methods Accept 6,194 08/Apr/2018
BimSPARQL: Domain-specific functional SPARQL extensions for querying RDF building data Accept 1,492 05/Apr/2018
Ontology-Driven Extraction of Research Processes Reject 2,084 05/Apr/2018
Evaluating Query and Storage Strategies for RDF Archives Accept 1,512 05/Apr/2018
SmartEnv as a Network of Ontology Patterns Accept 1,683 04/Apr/2018
Benchmarking Question Answering Systems Accept 980 04/Apr/2018
Relation Prediction in Knowledge Graph by Deep Neural Network Reject (Pre-Screening) 470 03/Apr/2018
SML-Bench -- A Benchmarking Framework for Structured Machine Learning Accept 1,588 03/Apr/2018
Comparison and Evaluation of Ontologies for Units of Measurement Accept 1,379 03/Apr/2018
Machine Learning in the Internet of Things: a Semantic-enhanced Approach Accept 1,075 30/Mar/2018
Semantic Web and Human Computation: the Status of an Emerging Field Accept 919 27/Mar/2018
Facilitating Filtering of Web Feature Services with their Automated Description Reject 1,292 24/Mar/2018