This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Views Updatedsort ascending
ExConQuer: Lowering barriers to RDF and Linked Data re-use Accept 1,300 15/Mar/2017
ServLog: A Unifying Logical Framework for Service Modeling and Contracting Accept 1,071 15/Mar/2017
DataGraft: One-Stop-Shop for Open Data Management Accept 1,649 15/Mar/2017
N-ary Relation Extraction for Simultaneous T-Box and A-Box Knowledge Base Augmentation Accept 993 15/Mar/2017
Survey on Ontologies for Affective States and Their Influences Accept 849 15/Mar/2017
Robust Named Entity Disambiguation with Random Walks Accept 835 15/Mar/2017
Migration of a library catalogue into RDA linked open data Accept 1,392 15/Mar/2017
Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia Accept 881 15/Mar/2017
A Linked Data Wrapper for CrunchBase Accept 945 15/Mar/2017
Survey on Challenges of Question Answering in the Semantic Web Accept 3,143 15/Mar/2017
Temporal Representation and Reasoning in OWL 2 Accept 1,548 15/Mar/2017
Distributed query processing in the presence of blank nodes Accept 2,105 15/Mar/2017
Automated Generation of Assessment Tests from Domain Ontologies Accept 1,803 15/Mar/2017
SPARQLES: Monitoring Public SPARQL Endpoints Accept 1,447 15/Mar/2017
Meta-Data for a lot of LOD Accept 1,274 15/Mar/2017
The Rijksmuseum Collection as Linked Data Accept 1,752 15/Mar/2017
The Apertium Bilingual Dictionaries on the Web of Data Accept 1,299 15/Mar/2017
Linked Web APIs Dataset: Web APIs meet Linked Data Accept 1,347 15/Mar/2017
The Publishing Workflow Ontology (PWO) Accept 1,781 15/Mar/2017
An Ontology Design Pattern and Its Use Case for Modeling Material Transformation Accept 1,706 15/Mar/2017
DM2E: A Linked Data Source of Digitised Manuscripts for the Digital Humanities Accept 1,835 15/Mar/2017
SeMFIS: A Flexible Engineering Platform for Semantic Annotations of Conceptual Models Accept 2,646 15/Mar/2017
A Systematic Analysis of Term Reuse and Term Overlap across Biomedical Ontologies Accept 1,797 15/Mar/2017
Semantic Web Machine Reading with FRED Accept 1,502 15/Mar/2017
Effective and Efficient Semantic Table Interpretation using TableMiner+ Accept 1,490 15/Mar/2017
The ACORN-SAT Linked Climate Dataset Accept 1,823 15/Mar/2017
Map-On: A web-based editor for visual ontology mapping Accept 2,261 15/Mar/2017
RODI: Benchmarking Relational-to-Ontology Mapping Generation Quality Accept 1,495 15/Mar/2017
A comprehensive quality model for Linked Data Accept 995 15/Mar/2017