This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Diversicon: towards Pluggable Lexical Domain Knowledge Reject (Pre-Screening) 39 03/Aug/2018
SeaNet: Semantic Enabled Autonomic Management of Software Defined Networks Reject (Pre-Screening) 41 03/Aug/2018
Semantic Technologies and Interoperability in the Built Environment Accept 85 14/Aug/2018
Semantic Similarity Based on Transfer Learning Reject (Pre-Screening) 131 03/Jul/2018
Administrative Processes Management of University Via Agent-Based Semantic Web Framework Reject (Pre-Screening) 173 29/May/2018
Attribute Ordered Formal Concept Analysis for Ontology Change Evaluation Reject (Pre-Screening) 202 03/May/2018
EMBench++: Benchmark Data for Thorough Evaluation of Matching-Related Methods Accept 247 14/Aug/2018
SWApriori: A New Approach to Mining Association Rules from Semantic Web Data Directly Reject (Pre-Screening) 250 12/Apr/2018
Multi-lingual Sentiment Analysis – A Machine Learning Approach Reject (Pre-Screening) 269 16/Apr/2018
VIG: Data Scaling for OBDA Benchmarks Accept 315 03/Aug/2018
Ontology-mediated query answering over temporal and inconsistent data Accept 354 13/Aug/2018
A Novel Database Structure for Domains and Sub-Domains in URL Reject (Pre-Screening) 386 09/Mar/2018
Generating Public Transport Data based on Population Distributions for RDF Benchmarking Accept 401 08/Aug/2018
Enhancing the Scalability of Expressive Stream Reasoning via input-driven Parallelization Accept 437 13/Aug/2018
Ontology Development Life Cycle: A Review Reject (Pre-Screening) 450 09/Mar/2018
Which Template Extractor Should I Use? Reject (Pre-Screening) 473 26/Nov/2017
On the Prospects of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies for Open Science and Academic Publishing Accept 491 16/Aug/2018
Relation Prediction in Knowledge Graph by Deep Neural Network Reject (Pre-Screening) 503 03/Apr/2018
SWRL2SPIN: A tool for transforming SWRL rule bases in OWL ontologies to object-oriented SPIN rules Reject (Pre-Screening) 516 25/Jan/2018
Social Content Mining in Social Networks Reject (Pre-Screening) 519 15/Nov/2017
SpecINT: A framework for data integration over cheminformatics and bioinformatics RDF repositories Accept 522 13/Aug/2018
Survey of Tools for Linked Data Consumption Accept 523 06/Aug/2018
Automated evaluation of the ISO reference ontology for the interchange of cultural heritage information Reject (Pre-Screening) 551 17/Jan/2018
Empirical Methodology for Crowdsourcing Ground Truth Minor Revision 551 25/Jun/2018
Parameters to assess website quality and comparative study of website analysis tools. Reject (Pre-Screening) 557 14/Sep/2017
Application of Semantic Web Technology to regulations Reject (Pre-Screening) 564 26/Nov/2017
A Neural Network-based approach for Unsupervised Learning of Link Specifications Reject (Pre-Screening) 578 28/Sep/2017
IoT Cloud and Mobile Agent Technology for Real Time Traffic Management Data Collection, Storage and Retrieval Reject (Pre-Screening) 583 09/Jul/2017
Smart and Incremental Model to Build Clustered Trending Topics of Web Documents Reject (Pre-Screening) 590 25/Feb/2018