This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
Identifying Cross Section Technology Application Through Chinese Patent Analysis Reject (Pre-Screening) 80 18/May/2020
CMDI Roadmap: Visualization, Interaction and Analysis of Heterogeneous Textbook Resources Reject (Pre-Screening) 207 30/Mar/2020
Network Metrics for Assessing the Quality of Entity Resolution between Multiple Datasets Accept 325 29/Apr/2020
A Survey of OpenRefine Reconciliation Services Reject (Pre-Screening) 332 02/Mar/2020
Finding the appropriate relations between concepts of knowledge resources: challenges and key points of improvement Reject (Pre-Screening) 343 07/Mar/2020
SAREF4INMA: a SAREF extension for the Industry and Manufacturing domain Accept 373 12/May/2020
Semantic Node-RED for Rapid Development of Interoperable Industrial IoT Applications Accept 400 22/May/2020
Applying and Developing Semantic Web Technologies for Exploiting a Corpus in History of Science: the Case Study of the Henri Poincaré Correspondence Accept 426 19/May/2020
Revisiting Temperaments with a Fine-tuned Categorization Using Iranian Traditional Medicine General Ontology Reject (Pre-Screening) 454 20/Nov/2019
Approaches to Measure Class Importance in Knowledge Graphs Reject 455 15/May/2020
Bridging Social Networks and the Internet of Things based on Semantic Web Techniques and Sentiment Analysis Reject (Pre-Screening) 461 09/Jan/2020
Towards Fully-fledged Archiving for RDF Datasets Major Revision 463 19/May/2020
Maximizing ontology precision in SROIQ: a challenging task Reject (Pre-Screening) 538 18/Oct/2019
QAnswer KG: Creating On-Demand Question Answering Systems on Top of RDF Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 551 09/Aug/2019
SWRL Rules Based Geospatial Data Integration Reject (Pre-Screening) 553 11/Sep/2019
A Distant Supervised Approach for Relation Extraction in Farsi Texts Reject (Pre-Screening) 559 17/Oct/2019
Distributed Text Services (DTS): a Community-built API to Publish and Consume Text Collections as Linked Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 575 19/Nov/2019
A data-driven methodology to generate living ontologies Reject (Pre-Screening) 580 11/Feb/2020
Semantic Organization of Repositories and its Impact in the Discovery of Services Reject (Pre-Screening) 597 07/Aug/2019
Ontological Modelling for Excavation Documentation and Virtual Reconstruction of an Ancient Egyptian Site Reject (Pre-Screening) 612 20/Nov/2019
Development and Quality Evaluation of Hazelnut Ontology Reject 638 15/May/2020
CELP-IR: Caching Efficiency with Location Prediction based Invalidation and Replacement Policy Reject (Pre-Screening) 656 03/Jul/2019
Multidimensional Enrichment of Spatial RDF Data for SOLAP Major Revision 661 17/May/2020
RDFRules: Making RDF Rule Mining Easier and Even More Efficient Major Revision 692 25/Feb/2020
Deploying Spatial-Stream Query Answering in C-ITS Scenarios Accept 703 31/Mar/2020
Ontology Alignment Revisited: A Bibliometric Narrative Reject 705 11/Mar/2020
Modeling Execution Techniques of Inscriptions Accept 724 17/Apr/2020
Typology-based Semantic Labeling of Numeric Tabular Data Accept 754 19/Mar/2020
The Role of “Cyber-Physical System" in IND4.0: A Critical Review, Research Challenges and Open Research Issues Reject (Pre-Screening) 765 07/May/2019