This page lists all submissions to the Semantic Web Journal which have been reviewed so far; access to rejected submissions will be locked after 4 weeks. Submissions can be ordered by the modification date, title, views, or status. Please visit the under review page for new submissions.

Title Status Viewssort descending Updated
QAnswer KG: Creating On-Demand Question Answering Systems on Top of RDF Data Reject (Pre-Screening) 56 09/Aug/2019
Editorial: Special Issue on Semantic Deep Learning Accept 65 19/Aug/2019
Semantic Organization of Repositories and its Impact in the Discovery of Services Reject (Pre-Screening) 112 07/Aug/2019
CELP-IR: Caching Efficiency with Location Prediction based Invalidation and Replacement Policy Reject (Pre-Screening) 195 03/Jul/2019
SQuAP-Ont: an Ontology of Software Quality Relational Factors from Financial Systems Accept 200 02/Aug/2019
Efficient Storage and Querying of Semantic Web Data on Top of P2P Networks Reject (Pre-Screening) 309 10/Jun/2019
Automatic Detection of Relation Assertion Errors and Induction of Relation Constraints Accept 316 02/Aug/2019
The Role of “Cyber-Physical System" in IND4.0: A Critical Review, Research Challenges and Open Research Issues Reject (Pre-Screening) 328 07/May/2019
Ontologies for Observations and Actuations in Buildings: A Survey Minor Revision 401 29/Jul/2019
Using the Semantic Web in Digital Humanities: Shift from Data Publishing to Data-analysis and Knowledge Discovery Minor Revision 426 14/Aug/2019
SPUCL(Scientific Publication Classifier): a human-readable labelling unsupervised system for scientific publications Reject (Pre-Screening) 433 20/Feb/2019
Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Big Data Integration Accept 460 14/Aug/2019
Semantic database of nuclear knowledge, reasoning on knowledge graphs Reject (Pre-Screening) 491 20/Feb/2019
Deploying Spatial-Stream Query Answering in C-ITS Scenarios Major Revision 500 29/Jul/2019
An integrated taxonomic Model of gastronomic Offers using Web Services and Databases Reject (Pre-Screening) 550 27/Jan/2019
Towards a New Generation of Ontology Based Data Access Accept 574 14/Aug/2019
VocBench 3: a Collaborative Semantic Web Editor for Ontologies, Thesauri and Lexicons Accept 576 18/Jun/2019
An Effective Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Based SPARQL Query Path Optimisation by Reordering Triples Reject (Pre-Screening) 583 03/Apr/2019
Multilingual Question Answering using Lexico-Syntactic Patterns Major Revision 589 29/Jul/2019
Building and Mining Knowledge Graphs for Newsroom Systems Reject 604 07/Aug/2019
PAROT: Translating Natural Language to SPARQL Reject (Pre-Screening) 606 06/Mar/2019
BOT: the Building Topology Ontology of the W3C Linked Building Data Group Major Revision 613 12/Jul/2019
RDF Graph Partitioning: Techniques and Empirical Evaluation Reject 620 29/Jul/2019
The 2nd U.S. Semantic Technologies Symposium (US2TS 2019) Accept 631 16/May/2019
Network Metrics for Assessing the Quality of Entity Resolution Between Multiple Datasets Major Revision 635 02/Jul/2019
Assessing deep learning for query expansion in domain-specific arabic information retrieval Reject 648 28/May/2019
Typology-based Semantic Labeling of Numeric Tabular Data Major Revision 672 02/Jul/2019
VOAR : a configurable web-based environment for visualizing and manipulating multiple ontology alignments Reject 680 29/Jul/2019
Knowledge Discovery using SPARQL property path: The Case of Disease Dataset Reject (Pre-Screening) 710 14/Nov/2018