XMLSchema2ShEx: Converting XML validation to RDF validation

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Herminio Garcia-Gonzalez
Jose Emilio Labra-Gayo

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Axel Polleres

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Full Paper
RDF validation is a new topic where the Semantic Web community is focusing attention while in other communities, like XML or databases, data validation and quality was considered a key part of their ecosystem. On the other hand, there is a recent trend to migrate data from different sources to semantic web formats. These transformations and mappings between different technologies come at a price. In order to facilitate this transformation, we propose a set of mappings that can be used to convert from XML Schema to Shape Expressions (ShEx)—one of the recent RDF validation languages—. We also present a prototype that implements a subset of the mappings proposed, and an example application to obtain a ShEx schema from an XML Schema one. We consider that this work and the development of other format mappings could drive to a new era of semantic-aware and interoperable data.
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