Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia

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Ali Ismayilov
Dimitris Kontokostas
Sören Auer
Jens Lehmann
Sebastian Hellmann

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Aidan Hogan

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Dataset Description
DBpedia is one of the earliest and most prominent nodes of the Linked Open Data cloud. DBpedia extracts and provides structured data for various crowd-maintained information sources such as over 100 Wikipedia language editions as well as Wikimedia Commons by employing a mature ontology and a stable and thorough Linked Data publishing lifecycle. Wikidata, on the other hand, has recently emerged as a user curated source for structured information which is included inWikipedia. In this paper, we present how Wikidata is incorporated in the DBpedia eco-system. Enriching DBpedia with structured information fromWikidata provides added value for a number of usage scenarios. We outline those scenarios and describe the structure and conversion process of the DBpediaWikidata (DBW) dataset.
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