The Web of Data radiography: Is current Open Data good enough for Linked Data?

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Jhon Francined Herrera-Cubides
Paulo Alonso Gaona-García
Salvador Sanchez-Alonso

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Armin Haller

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Full Paper
Open Data has been improving both publishing platforms and the consumers-oriented process over the years, providing better Openness policies and transparency. Although organizations have tried to open their data, the enrichment of their resources through the Web of Data has been decreasing. Linked Data has been suffering from notable difficulties in different stages of their life-cycle, becoming over the years less and less attractive to users. According to that, it decided to explore how the lack of some Opening requirements affect the decline of the Web of Data. This paper presents a Web of Data radiography, analyzing the Gov-ernmental domain as a case study. The results indicate that is necessary to enhance the data opening process to improve resource enrichment on the Web, as well as to have better datasets. These changes would have a positive influence on the overall use of the model. Given the magnitude of the problems identified, it is believed that the Web of Data model would inevitably lose the interest it aroused at the beginning if not addressed immediately by these problems. Besides, its use would be restricted to a few particular niches or would even disappear altogether.
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